And they believe in us!

On this wonderful Thursday, I pass by to tell you about the exclusive Pirina, also known online as @empirina. – UX designer by education and profession, but in recent years things about her take in the direction of children’s literature, culture and promotion of children’s reading in Bulgaria.
Develops with a lot of soul and work the community #НитоДенБезКнижки –

On June 4, at the Spring Book Bazaar in front of the National Palace of Culture, where he was invited by the Marmot publishing house, he set up a #NitoDenBezKnizhki checkpoint.

Pirina: “To make things even more meaningful, I decided to turn Friday into a day for good deeds. I chose a campaign “Hospitals with Libraries” and I organize a collection point for books, which I will personally take to Plovdiv … During the event we collected 87 levs for books – I will select them and order with delivery to you today, please only for the address where to launch the delivery directly from the site “.

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