Levels of emotional overheating of employees during a pandemic

The new living, working and constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to increased levels of stress in employees and their emotional overheating.

Adequate measures implemented in the majority of companies: introduction of hybrid work schedules, possibility to attract social benefits and maximum digitalization of the work process did not reduce the rate of increase of stress levels among employees and their turnover.

A study conducted by MindEdge Learning and the HR Certification Institute showed an 80% increase in emotional overheating among employees, and in 37% of them the situation remains quite worrying.

Burnout syndrome is a topic that has gained popularity in recent years due to the intense lifestyle and the increasingly frequent loss of more than one job at a time. During a pandemic, this topic gained another dimension. apply the hybrid form of employment. The occupations that can be most visible are those working in the fields of technology, finance, education, trade, which allows maintaining a better work-life balance in a pandemic and lowers levels. of stress and emotional overheating.

The MindEdge and HRCI survey for 2021 was conducted among 1,012 HR professionals in September 2021.

We offer one-time and multiple group practices for recognizing and managing burnout syndrome.

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