Modern social needs and solutions. Social innovations

“The most difficult and important problems cannot be understood, let alone solved, without involving the non-profit, public and private sectors.”

🚀🚀 Today’s #dynamic #society is associated with growing challenges of various kinds, which challenge public policies and strengthen the role of innovation as a tool for greater efficiency and greater social benefits for society.

Supporting #social progress as a process of developing and implementing effective solutions
Challenging social and environmental issues include social #innovation.

Innovative # ideas that💻💻:

  • meet certain social needs;
  • create new social relations and collaborations caused by emerging needs;
  • find rational and applicable # solutions, in the form of services, products, models;
  • The concept of social innovation focuses on the ideas and solutions that create social #value – as well as the processes through which they are generated, regardless of where they come from.
    The driving forces are demographic, social and technological change.

The challenges that provoke their development are the new needs that are constantly changing under the pressure of the changing environment, as well as the growing costs of meeting social challenges.

Process of finding solutions to social problems through:
– identification of social needs and development of new services that lead to improving the quality of life of people and communities at risk of social isolation;
– identification and implementation of new processes for labor market integration, new competencies, new jobs, new forms of labor force participation.

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