Support from “Tales in the grass” for “Hospitals with Libraries”

The family of the late Emanuela Tsoneva, an artist and writer from Varna, also joined in supporting our cause for collecting books for the children’s departments.

The children’s books “Tales in the Grass” are the latest creative project of Emanuela Tsoneva – Varna artist and writer, who left us in the spring of 2021, but left behind many works inspired by the beauty and magic of nature. The books unite her talent to tell stories through words and pictures, her love for illustration and for children, sealed in years of professional experience as a teacher at NSI “Dobri Hristov” – Varna.

She published the fairy tales in 2020, but they were born in her imagination more than 30 years ago, when she invented them to put her daughters to sleep. He dedicates them to them, but also to all young and old children who love to immerse themselves in the world of nature. The large flower garden where her characters live is inspired by the yard where she grew up and watched its small inhabitants for hours.


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