Hospitals with Libraries campaign successfully implemented

For the past month our charity campaign "Hospitals with Libraries" has realized:
  • over 8,000 donated editions 📘;
  • access to audio summaries of many popular titles;
  • countless empathetic people, publishing houses, companies;
  • new partnerships and ideas 📥📥; We need your help for tablets, which will be used for therapeutic purposes in the Clinic of Pediatric Surgery at the University Hospital “St. George”, Plovdiv.

🎶🎵 Music is a universal language that affects the brain by stimulating multiple areas located in both hemispheres. For this reason, music can be used as a concomitant therapeutic method. Widespread throughout the world, and it aims to support the basic therapy of the patient. Its therapeutic effect is that it can induce a wide range of emotions (joy, anxiety, fear, anxiety) and simultaneously excite large areas in all parts of the cerebral cortex. It is the only sensory stimulus that instantly activates the whole brain.

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